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General Ledger Accounting Payroll

Make You Life Easier With A General Ledger Accounting Payroll.

For companies with more than five employees, hiring an accountant will be your safest step in handling your general ledger accounting payroll. There are more local, state, and federal regulations on deductions, taxes and other payroll issues that are required input in your general ledger accounting payroll book that a non-accountant would have some major difficulties complying with and not be in danger of being fined by local, state, and federal agencies.

Before you can start your general ledger accounting payroll you need an EIN, employer identification number which is issued by the IRS. You have to contact them and a number will be issued to you. Your next step is to get your employees names and social security numbers. Those two sets of numbers, your EIN and your employees social security numbers should be in the first two columns of your general ledger accounting payroll book. You can now begin to keep a general ledger accounting payroll with IRS forms and regulations helping your to figure out your payroll. Each employee is obligated to fill out a W-4, Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate. Your general ledger accounting payroll should keep all employees W-4 forms and information on allowable deductions. This form is also used to determine how many dependents an employee has which will determine how much of his paycheck you can withhold for taxes.

The Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 must be filled out by each employee showing that he has shown his employer identification that allows him to work in the United States. These two forms have to be kept by the employer and is actually a part of general ledger accounting payroll. To determine how much of a worker's pay will be paid to the worker, his federal income tax withholding must be calculated and shown on his paycheck. Use IRS Publication 15, pages 39-58. Match the employee's W-4 deductions and subtract the allowable sum. His pay minus his deductions is the wage that is federally taxable.

Locate his wage on their tables and figure out how much must be withheld for federal income taxes. Deduct any other taxes that are shown on his W-4 form and deduct those also from his gross wage. Your general ledger accounting payroll should list all wages and deductions paid to employees. Payroll taxes must be deposited monthly and their are IRS forms that have to be filled out to insure that you as an employee are following all local, state, and federal general ledger accounting payroll laws.

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